Saxophone For Beginners – Purchasing Guide

On this page, people who are passionate about saxophone music and those who wish to start learning how to play the saxophone themselves, will be able to find a short guide whsaxophone-918904_960_720ich is destined to help them when they are making their first steps in the wonderful world of saxophone music and wish to purchase one.

The task at hand might seem difficult, especially for those who do not have any prior musical experience or experience with saxophones, but one doesn’t need to worry, since the process can be divided into several, easy-to-follow, simple, steps.

Selecting and purchasing an adequate saxophone is probably one of the most important steps, beginning with a good saxophone can make the difference from good, enjoyable music tunes and a stressful experience.

  • Documentation on the Internet is a good starting point, and people are advised to first determine if they wish to purchase a new or a second-hand saxophone, depending on their financial capabilities;
  • Choosing the right saxophone size is another important step and in order to determine their correct size, people can resort to eliminating the extremes out of the question, and selecting a medium sized saxophone, which is ranked between soprano and baritone;
  • Determining the required accessories to complete the saxophone kit is essential, especially if the purchased saxophone didn’t come with any to start with. The most important accessory is the mouthpiece, which needs to be chosen according to the singer’s preferences and feel. To go with the mouthpiece, a selection of reeds is also required. Last but not least, the neckstrap and optional items such as the stand could be accessories to have a look at.

Having completed all the above tasks, people can be quite certain that they have found their first saxophone to help them learn and start playing various tunes.